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The Philippines

Oslob whale sharks and Oslob fiesta

        Some of the best cycling yet, Negros island and southern Cebu, the roads have new tarmac, light traffic rolling hills, stunning sea views. Settled weather, sunshine and a light breeze. Negros is a volcanic rather than coral island, black sand and deep clear water immediately offshore, with pretty coral and plenty … Continue reading »

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Wind stops play

Tourists hop from island to island, snorkeling, diving, beaching, so when a storm warning is issued, there’s a mad scramble of backpackers to the port to avoid being stranded. It happened on Siquijor, suddenly our resort emptied so that everyone who needed to be somewhere soon were on the mainland. We decided to stay in … Continue reading »

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The calm before the storm: Siquijor

  SW of Bohol is the coral island of Siquijor, misnamed by the Spanish when they arrived in 1565 when the island king said Si Kihod ( I am Kihod).  In fact it was called the island of fire, named after the millions of fireflies that used to populate the Molave trees, sadly both in … Continue reading »

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Bohol Island

Families are important here, so a hotelier is proud to tell us that his sister is married to the mayor, his brother is…. etc.  The Marcos family are back in Filipino politics, unforgivable after the millions they stole,  perhaps Filipinos are forgiving, perhaps they admire ‘the iron fist’ rule, or maybe they just don’t really … Continue reading »

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A Filipino Sandwich

  So here we are in The Philippines, like Japan, a volcanic country of islands (its coastline is over 36,000km, 4,000km shy of the length of the equator). Like Japan it suffers typhoons and storm surges, notably Haiyan last year (Japan suffers more typhoons, 1/3rd in the world) and earthquakes, tsunamis and volanoes too, but … Continue reading »

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