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Crossing the border into Belize was an isolating experience with its severe security: an empty 2km road in no man’s land – with enough razor wire to withstand a zombie apocalypse perhaps? And a customs officer who accepted proof of our pre-paid exit fee through BA but insisted on a second payment as we were … Continue reading »

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Leaving Mexico (again)

Who knew I could be charmed by Mexico? Me encanta Bacalar!! We stayed in Bacalar for six nights, reluctantly cycling into Chetumal this morning, to cross the border into Belize tomorrow. The kind family-loving people, who like to laugh and dance ( we salsa’d on the jetty), the colourful spicy food, super considerate drivers…. Two … Continue reading »

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Bacalar is part of Mexico’s  “Pueblos Mágicos/Magical Towns Programme” – a tourist department initiative to promote towns that offer visitors a “magical” experience because of their “natural beauty, cultural riches, or historical relevance”, not just sun, bars  and beaches. It certainly works for us! We planned to stay for two nights but have booked for five! … Continue reading »

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Six days in Mexico

It has taken six days to finally adjust to the heat, food and time difference. This morning I slept right through to 5.30am, not woken at 3 by UK time, or itching from mosquito bites, or, during one night, several loud farts – yes, my own! Groggy sleep to instant alertness in microseconds, then relief, … Continue reading »

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A room without a view!

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Sintra – into the hills by train.

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Planes, trains, automobiles….. and bikes, cruise ships, yachts…… it’s all there in one photo. Lisbon is an exciting city – quite extensive so we use the cycle route along the waterfront – with a successful mix of modern and old.

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Arriving in Lisbon

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Surfers’ Paradise

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Eurovelo 1 / EV1 Algarve, Portugal

1.  Eurovelo 1 is rarely signposted in The Algarve, and 2.  not shown at all on Google maps. We use Locus Map Pro, an inexpensive offline mapping programme, with GPS, that shows all hiking and biking trails as well as contours, street details, it’s from openstreetmap. Not only is EV1 difficult to find without Locus … Continue reading »

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