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Into cool air.

Posted by on February 1, 2018

From Sierpe we cycled alongside Rio Grande de Terraba on the inter-american highway for 45km surprised not to find a shoulder. I was dreading it but there was virtually no traffic! We overtaken by seven delivery trucks and a few cars in two hours on the road, no lorries. Admittedly one of the trucks was overtaking another as it overtook me….. The scenery was beautiful, and we started to cycle through indigenous villages. I found a road on LocusPro that looked amazing. A climb, but up onto a long ridge with wide deep valleys dropping either side of us and distant cloud covered mountains. It was better than expected, we paused to watch three toucans, honestly their bills are ridiculously large, they are cartoon versions of themselves – and one of the most important seed dispersers in the forest. But the climb was exhausting: a steeply rolling climb in full sun, we were cycling for over six hours!!
At the top, San Vito town, founded by Italian immigrants in the 1850s. Great for pizza and pasta served by little mammas of Italian heritage. The town is close to indigenous reserves and we see women in solid-coloured long dresses trimmed with patterned braid. Their language is guttural, completely different to anything I’ve heard. Everyone is friendly. I love sitting outside a bakery Best of all the air is cool, wonderfully cool. This morning we explored Wilson botanical garden. Pleasant. We have been spoiled by magnificent gardens. The red flower is on a ginger plant.


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