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This is for the French couple from Lyon

Posted by on January 22, 2018


Thisi is for the French couple from Lyon

If you’re reading this use Google Maps to follow the roads that I suggest. Nice to meet you both!

Granada: you will enjoy the Selina hostel it’s only $20 for an aircon double room with a fantastic kitchen,pool, great location and lots of people to meet. We had a night in masaya simply because we wanted to visit the volcano the lake and The Artisan Market. Route 4 into a Managua becomes very very busy but you do have a shoulder. we stayed outside the city in a nice bed and breakfast called Managua Hills then we could take the southern periphery Road around the edge of the city. it was horrible but it avoided the city and took us out onto Route 2 then Route 12. Route 12 was really pretty and quiet and we took that all the way to El transito (the last 13 kilometers is dirt track but you should be fine on your bikes. there’s a really nice French woman who runs a hostel in El transito, she lives there with her young family). The 52b from El transito is difficult dirt track, you can’t take it, you have to go back up Route 40 and then back along 12 to Leon.

Leon is rather like Granada but more edgy lots more young people, we stayed in Lazybones hostal but there are loads of hostels. if you have time try to visit the Contemporary Art Gallery it even has some Piccadilly works. the building itself is beautiful

I think it’s probably safe enough to cycle through Honduras but we took a bus it was $35 each including bikes to go through Honduras and get dropped off at El Cuco which is in El Salvador on the coast –  just east of el Cuco is La Tortuga Verde that’s the hostel I told you about where your first night is free if you are cyclists.

some serious Hills leaving but it takes you up to Route 2 with a good wide shoulder. on the way west we splashed out on a nice hotel hotel sevilla Usulután, nice to have a western hotel with a swimming pool for $45 and it breaks up the journey west

we also stayed at El Carmen Hotel Rancho agua it’s an airport hotel clean air conditioning and fantastic food next door on the corner, really really good choice of food

C2 route continues west again with the wide shoulder after Libertad the ride on the coastline is very pretty it winds up and down in and out, mountains on the right sea on the left with lots of surf beaches and plenty of places to stay and also to camp.


Further west, if you get stuck there is a love hotel but it’s very new very clean quite cheap in a place called metalia, on the western edge as you leave town, oh it has pool very clean $20 a night

we actually cycled the routa de Flores and Santa Ana if you fancy doing some challenging Hills! the best road Up and Down is from Metallo it’s called grn 15s nice Road very smooth and easy, not much traffic and it takes you up 1300m Ataco and then you can do the circular route. it was okay I really enjoyed going up Santa Ana volcano and there is fantastic hostel in Santa Ana called casa Verde, the best!!

once you cross into Guatemala you can stay on the highway to Taxisco. south of Taxisco there is a brand new beautiful Road Route 5 that takes you down to a dead-end and a river port where you catch a ferry to Montericco, beautiful beach resort El Delfin was a very pretty hostel cheap good food nice place to chill and then you can cycle all along the coast that’s a tarmac Road and then see a 9 back up to the highway at Esquintla and then you’ve got a seriously steep climb 1600m up to beautiful Antigua. you will really enjoy staying there, seeing the volcanoes and hopefully climbing acatenango ( hostel Tropicana)

Going to Atitlan, leave your bikes in Antigua the road between is dreadful but you may decide to do it, it’s the ca1 the Pan-American Highway.

Atitlan is stunning San Pedro was fantastic early morning kayaking surrounded by volcanoes just wonderful and of course you’re going to have a lovely ride back down to the coast, if you decide to continue, or you can take the bus into Guatemala to the airport or to Tikal.

The road to Rio Dulce is appalling, take the bus but Rio Dulce to Poptun, Flores and Tikal is good, hilly. Finca Ixabel and Mon Ami with swimming jetty in El Remate are gt.

Good luck!

2 Responses to This is for the French couple from Lyon

  1. Victoire

    Thats so kind of you
    We Will defintly use all thèse precious information !!!
    Thanks à lot
    And we forgot to tell you about one great ride we vé done, which was on thé beach for 15km during low tides between samara and manzanillo
    Have a great trop and thanks again

  2. Elisa

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