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“Too much of a good thing”

Posted by on December 9, 2017

We visited many villages around the lake and stayed here, Santa Cruz de La Laguna. A precarious existence perched above the water and dependent on corn and coffee, but beginning to cater for tourists. They have a worthy charity that provides sewing machines and a workplace for women, and education for village children. Some boys have achieved a degree, but after 20 years, a village girl has finally graduated from university. They are so proud.

The community project Centre in Santa Cruz

There are JCBs at the top repairing the road after a landslide.

See the speed bump? So busy taking a photo I tripped and grazed my knee! Saved the camera though!

Weird tree flowers in the forest

Rather like my Dad, enjoying a fag and chatting to everyone who passed.

This is corn but we saw coffee grown on slopes of 70′

This is how    Aldous Huxley described Lake  Atitlan in 1935. Kayaking  in the early mornings – no photos – I have to agree: it was truly delightful. A highlight of all our travels. Majestic mountains surround the clear lake; at that time we were the only ones on the water, isolated, tranquil. Incredible. I was reluctant to leave the lake, then pleased to return safely to Antigua, what a nutty driver!! Guatemalans are truly lovely, kind and  gentle, but this driver was possessed!! Tomorrow, we depart at 6am, back on the road, knowing that it’s all downhill after here…. well not literally, not until we have first climbed 600m, then it is downhill, figuratively and literally!! It should take us two days to reach El Salvador, so I am going to dump some photos here and create space for another LocusPro map  ( still way better than Google).

My volcano climb: San Pedro

The oldest Catholic church in Guatemala: most have tumbled in earthquakes! Guatemalans are devout Christians, many are Evangelical.


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