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Leaving Mexico (again)

Posted by on November 12, 2017

Who knew I could be charmed by Mexico? Me encanta Bacalar!! We stayed in Bacalar for six nights, reluctantly cycling into Chetumal this morning, to cross the border into Belize tomorrow. The kind family-loving people, who like to laugh and dance ( we salsa’d on the jetty), the colourful spicy food, super considerate drivers….

Two years ago we cycled from Los Angeles south through desert Baja California to la Paz and then a ferry across to Los Moches. It was physically exhausting, our toughest ever ride.  A train took us up to the Copper Canyon where we hired mountain bikes. All of it was incredibly beautiful, and so interesting to meet indiginous people, but it skimmed too close to disaster. We couldn’t believe that two young surfing Aussies were shot dead in an assumed robbery 5 days after meeting them. Nor seeing three masked men with sawn off shotguns holding up a truck in front of our rural bus. Early in the afternoon!! Then there was the hotel fire that closed the town centre in Los Mochis, and a month later the gun battle in the centre of town that killed El Chapo….

When Sarah asked to join us on bikes for Christmas I knew it was too dangerous to continue in western Mexico. I had to ask myself why then were we there?? So we flew here, to Yukatan and Quintaroo where it is safe. Thank you Sarah, I think you saved us from calamity had we continued from Los Mochis. Last visit we were nervous and recovering, this time we are more relaxed, less anxious. Mexico truly is wonderful!

Some last photos of Bacalar, with Azul cenote (90m deep, eerie blackness!!). Charles enjoyed food in a vegan restaurant!!!!!! It was served with chips.

I have another never in my life to forget image. Of course it is of Charles, my 24/7 partner! We stopped at an abandoned property to have a wee. I walked further along the path to hide and turned to see Charles, mid-flow, convulsing and slapping as a swarm of mosquitoes attacked. I ran for my bike, followed by Charles and we scarpered! But that image…… forever.

Poor man – we were in bed in a grotty cabin but stunning location, under the net, when a cockroach scuttled across the bedside table ‘yuck!’ I cried flinging a bit of black bike light strap at Charles’ leg. You have never seen a man jump so high or scream so loud!! I laughed for a good 20 minutes. Charles fetched a towel and divided the bed into two halves!!


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