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France 2018 Wells Cathedral to Notre Dame, Paris

Posted by on June 8, 2017

Click on the map to zoom in on the route


Day 1 Depart Wells Friday 25th May – Overnight Salisbury =76.5km/ 47.5 miles

Day 2 Saturday 26th May-  Salisbury to Portsmouth = 75.7km/ 48 miles

Portsmouth to Le Havre overnight Ferry


Day 3 Sunday 27th May Le Havre to Evreux=107km/66 miles or Le Neubourg +83km/52 miles or campsite near Evreux

Important shorter option!! This is a long day (107km/66 miles) but 43km is on Voie Verte, a former railway line so mostly flat. There is a shorter option. At Le Neubourg (+83km/52 miles) there are36 hotels on ≤ £43 and 227 hotels between  £43 – £87 but no campsites. The group could separate so the campers cycle +26km (mostly flat) to Camping Les Sapins outside Evreux and meet the hotel group at Evreux in the morning

Or the hotel group can cycle all the way to Evreux where there are 3 hotels on ≤ £43 and 5 hotels between £43 – £87. The hotels are not near the campsite.

Day 4 Monday 28th May Evreux to Vernon +31.6km/19.5 miles Campers must first cycle into Evreux (flat) to meet those staying in hotels (+10km). Those who stayed in Le Neubourg must cycle on the Voie Verte cycle path (flat) to Evreux (+26km)

Day 5 Tuesday 31st May Vernon to Norte Dame +87km/54 miles Many hotels in the area on but not many in the centre of town.

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