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Monthly Archives: December 2015

Mayan Madness

“We are not myths of the past, ruins in the jungle or zoos. We are people and we want to be respected, not to be victims of intolerance and racism.” –Rigoberta Mench’u Tum, winner of the 1992 Nobel Peace Prize Rigoberta Menchú grew up in poverty, in Guatamala, and suffered brutal suppression and persecution during … Continue reading »

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Christmas in Valladolid

Christmas day in Valladolid. Most shops remain open but we see families dining together, and many decorations including trees. We visited a restored colonial house with a private collection of Mexican art – no Frida Kohlo but a room dedicated to works of art about her! Best of all we found a huge cenote only … Continue reading »

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Tulum and Coba ruins

We cycled to the coastal ruins at Tulum. This is one of the last Mayan cities -C15th – but devastated by the arrival of the Spanish. We had a rather sweet hotel at the edge of the town, unfortunately dominated by the main road cutting through the centre. It feels like a long truck stop! … Continue reading »

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Cenote city

7 million Mayan descendants live in Central America and 790,000 of them speak Yukatec Mayan – so tricky to know whether to call out ‘ Buenas dias’ or  ‘Ba’ax ka wa’alik’ as we ride through villages!! Ts’ onot is Mayan for a place with accessible groundwater, ‘ cenote’, and the Yucatan peninsula is dotted with … Continue reading »

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Cousteau’s Cozumel

So many books say that Jacques Cousteau’s movie Le Monde du Silence (1955) was filmed at Palancar reef on Cozumel. It wasn’t, but the reef was shown in a similar documentary, A New World, and the rush for paradise began! The Spanish arrived in 1520 and it took 50 years for smallpox to devastate the … Continue reading »

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And then there were three.

East coast Mexico, on The Yukutan Peninsula. We arrived in Cancun on Saturday, Sarah arrived on Sunday 🙂 Swopped desert cacti for tropical palms, coral sand beaches, thunderstorms and mosquitoes. My apologies Valerie, I have been using Google translate to book accommodation: ‘Hello Suzanne, Thank you for your note.  Not sure what you mean by … Continue reading »

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The World’s kindest people!

                Searching for bike boxes today without success. One shop owner called for his son – still eating breakfast – and after a few phone calls, sent him out in a truck to fetch us 2 boxes and deliver them to our hotel!! Back in the city, and … Continue reading »

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Boneshaker day

Mexico is a wild land of extremes: deep ravines rather than valleys, boulders and rocks instead of cobbles! Yesterday we hired mountain bikes again to complete a 44km round trip to some hot springs, sounds easy but we descended right down to the valley floor on steep switch backs. The surface was boulders cemented together – … Continue reading »

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Daylight Robbery!

Bit shocked to witness 3 armed bandits holding up a coca cola lorry on the road at 4pm! Fortunately we were on a bus rather than bikes, and our driver put his foot down as he passed. Apparently the culprits are in jail already so the police won’t need my super recogniser talents. Perhaps there … Continue reading »

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Barrancos del Cobre in Sierra Madre by train

673km with 37 bridges, 86 tunnels and a height gain of 2400m, El Chepe is a fabulous train journey. Unlike train journeys in Burma, Sri Lanka and Vietnam, this train is efficient and fast ( considering the terrain), though security guards with M16 automatic rifles wouldn’t be seen in SE Asia. Stephen Fry traveled on … Continue reading »

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