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Monthly Archives: November 2015

Lots of beans but still no tailwind!

Page title by Charles, aka Carlos, looking decidedly Mexican with his brown skin and 10am stubble. We have arrived in Loreto which is 1,346 km direct from Los Angeles ( and according to Google, only 16 hours by car!). It’s a delightful small town with a promenade, beaches, protected marine islands: a tourist town but … Continue reading »

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To the sea of Cortez through dormant volcanoes

We have cycled most of The Malay Peninsular and now the second longest, BajaCalifornia ( though Wikipedia states they are both 700 miles).  I’m not sure whether I prefer volcanic Baja scenery or Malay karst? Both are massive, impressive but Asia has lush tropical vegetation compared to arid cacti and occasional oasis. Certainly limestone is … Continue reading »

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Goodbye cool winds!

Time to abandon our trousers and fleeces! Goodbye chill evenings in the hills and west coast, and hello blistering temperatures and mosquitoes! We cycled due east for 60km before a bend took us in another straight line SSE. Into a headwind of course!               Sea eagles occasionally soared alongside … Continue reading »

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A bullet in the knee cap!

I’m trying to think of a snazzy title to convey yesterday along the lines of hardship = headwinds, heat and hills. But then we remembered our favourite page title from Steve’s ‘cycling the 6’ (continents) blog and it made us laugh out loud. Not that we can compare, he has cycled over 82,000 km and … Continue reading »

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Riding with the tumbleweeds!

Feeling smug! I planned this route to take advantage of the prevailing NW winds, and most days we’ve had a gentle push like a hand on our backs. But today,  20+mph winds took a whole hour off our journey, we flew! Early in the morning it rained and the wind was chilly, in fact last … Continue reading »

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Gringoes at last!!


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The busiest border crossing in the world!

Veteran’s Day in USA so a quiet day to cross the border into into Mexico (up to 180,000 cross each day!) The double fence barrier says don’t f*** with me: it’s menacing and completely dominates the landscape. Sudden poverty and chaotic busy roads disarm us and we are tempted to return to San Diego. We … Continue reading »

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California sunshine!

Well we almost didn’t make it, stunned to discover that one cannot enter USA without an onward ticket. 25 mins to book and print a flight – thank goodness for smart phones – we return directly from Florida with the excellent Norwegian Air for £180 each, at the end of March. So that’s it! We’re … Continue reading »

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