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Monthly Archives: March 2014

Last stop Malaysia

Koh Lipe to Langkawi was an easy boat trip, bikes transferred by long-tailed boat then roped onto the back of the ferry!  We visited Langkawi 26 years ago and read that it had developed after an airport was built. So we expected ( there are those expectations again!) an island like Koh Samui, urbanised on … Continue reading »

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Koh Lipi, and definitely our last days in Thailand!

We intended to sleep overnight in Pak Bara, then cycle to Satun to catch a ferry to Langkawi in Malaysia. But Pak Bara turned out to be a major port for ferries to Koh Lipi 60 km offshore, a pretty chain of Islands, so we changed our route to Langkawi. Koh Lipi is the only … Continue reading »

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Our last days in Thailand

Koh Lanta is the largest island on the west coast archipelago, long with a spine of green rolling hills rather than dramatic towers of limestone.  We left Ao Nang at 6am, cycling through Krabi town and onto route 4.  It was Sunday, the road was quiet, but I didn’t enjoy being on a dual carriageway, … Continue reading »

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Ao Nang, Ao Nang.

              We loaded our bikes onto a tiny long tailed ferry which took us further east between limestone islands to a small port at the mouth of Nai Sa river, 25km north of Ao Nang.  Lovely cycling again through karst scenery, and a friendly quiet bungalow with a pool! … Continue reading »

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Phuket and Phang-Nga bay

        Completed our fabulous fish day on Similan Islands with a curry in an empty restaurant, TV tuned to the England Italy game broadcast live.  Then at 9am on Sunday we watched a replay of the final game, Ireland France, quite brutal, and when Sexton was knocked unconscious and had a neck … Continue reading »

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Finding Nemo

Great cycling to Khao Lak resort on the Andaman coast.  Most trips to Similan Islands 60km west begin here (included in National Geographic’s top 10 dive sites) so every 2nd shop offers dive and snorkeling trips.  Our speed boat took 90 minutes, with 22 on board, racing another dozen or so tour boats on similar … Continue reading »

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Charles, a scorpion, a dog and its owner, and a room full of mosquitoes

Unlike Northern Thailand, dogs here can be aggressive and give chase.  Fortunately Charles stops to fight, so I have time to flee: only once has a dog worried me, goosebumps all over as I sucessfully snarled back! In Khao Sok village Charles carried a stone for a particular black dog. It barked madly as we … Continue reading »

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The Isthmus of Kra

James recommended a boat trip on Cheow Larn Reservoir in Khao Sok National Park, on our road across the Isthmus of Kra.  Strange to recognise his pictures.  The limestone pillars reach over 900m above lake level and are very pretty, but absolutely no birds or animals in the trees.  We are 3km from the dam … Continue reading »

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A full stop on Koh Samui

                Such a tiny dot at the end of a sentence, but its meaning is absolute, we came to a full stop!  Fine white sand, warm shallow seas, islands to visit, bungalow on the beach, fantastic food…. no wonder so many Europeans live on Koh Samui, from young … Continue reading »

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Meeting Wanpen

            25 years ago we met an energetic young Thai woman in Chiang Mai. We spent time together but over the years we lost touch. I found her on FB so we planned our journey to visit her here in Koh Samui. What a tourist island! Something for everyone, and … Continue reading »

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