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Monthly Archives: February 2014

The road to Mandalay

No need to ponder on a blog title today!!  I chose a small road 12 km east of Thazi for our journey north, it looked ok when we passed it from Kalaw, and blissfully no lorries with their deafening horns. But it was quiet for a reason. Sylvie, if you’re reading this, take this road … Continue reading »

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Seasick on a train

The train back up to Kalaw was ancient, 70 years old at least and clattered and rumbled and swayed at least 15 degrees either side of the narrow tracks. In UK it would be immediately condemned. Just look at the wiring Sean!!  There are power cuts most days, even in cities, and the Internet is … Continue reading »

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What to do in Lake Inle?

 Inle Lake is a short boat trip from Nyaung Shwe, a small town with a hotel under construction on every street. It is 22km long, and home to many stilted villages with different ethnic groups. We cycled to a village outside the town and met an enterprising man who agreed to take us out onto … Continue reading »

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Kalaw to Lake Inle

Kalaw is a pretty town, at 1320m the air is clean, the sky piercingly blue, and it nestles below pine forested peaks. It’s a trekking centre but we don’t carry hiking shoes and have not seen much wildlife here.  So we cycled to viewpoints (temples, but shhh, don’t tell Charles) and to the Kalaw Hotel … Continue reading »

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The Meiktila Massacre

From Bagan we cycled SE on a gentle climb to Mount Popa, an extinct volcano that last erupted 320,000 years ago. Plenty to see en route: the main preoccupations appear to be collecting water from wells, and collecting wood, and mostly by women and children: a shameful existence in our modern age.  I even saw … Continue reading »

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The ancient city of Bagan

We arrived in Bagan at lunchtime and enjoyed a delicious meal at Black Bamboo: hurrah! reliable and varied food again. Bagan is home to the world’s largest area of Buddhist temples, pagodas, stupas and ruins, many dating from 11th and 12the centuries but Unesco refuses to include it as a world heritage site because restoration … Continue reading »

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Two days to Bagan, and my very best photo

  Charles woke with a hangover, not helped by a greasy serving of fried rice topped with a fried egg for breakfast (at least this egg was warm, most are pre-cooked and served direct from a fridge!). At first the road was busy, many motorbikes, shady trees and villages along the route, rather like Vietnam. … Continue reading »

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Welcome to Myanmar: Mingle-La-Baa!

‘Eventually collected our Myanmar visas in Vientiane, and cycled across the Friendship bridge, pleased to return to Thailand; but we were waived through without an exit stamp, so we cycled back again to Laos to comply, paid another overtime fee (post 4pm) so that Laos could finally let us go! Hilarious! Everything clicked into place: … Continue reading »

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Hot water bottles.

So today is our last in Laos. We cycled 100km from Vang Vieng to a small town with a motel 60km north of here. It felt great to be on bikes again ‘ back on the road’ after 4 days of relative inactivity. Imagine tiring of paradise! It was hot in the sun, drinking warm … Continue reading »

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