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Monthly Archives: December 2013

Cycling into 2014 (Thai 2557!)

              This young couple helped us to order food on our 100km ride north. We rested at a kind of truck stop cafe, a row of stalls at a road junction before entering a town. The spicy pork pad thai was lovely, but  the vivid green pop tasted like … Continue reading »

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Christmas Day


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On a Chinese beach, eating Cornish pasties, on Christmas eve in the sunshine: Hong Kong for Christmas :-)

Our bikes are stored in a Bangkok hotel and we have flown to Charles’ relatives in Hong Kong 🙂 Absolutely delighted to be here for Christmas, best of all two wonderful boys (2 and 6) to play with. The country park where they live is stunning: steep sided hills covered in dense forest with views … Continue reading »

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Khao Yai National Park (Tigers 0, Tiger beers 2)

We arrived at Bobby’s apartment and Jungle tours two days ago, bit of a mission to find its location in an urban jungle of motorways, but our visit has been exceptional.  The evening trip to see millions of bats pouring out of a hillside, gushing out, sounding like a waterfall was truly memorable.  Nothing could … Continue reading »

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One slap, two mosquitoes

So satisfying to get two Mosquitos with a single slap. Shows there’s life in the old slapper yet! Straightaway the roads here in Thailand are infinitely better than anywhere on the journey so far which has allowed us to move another 90 km west with relative ease, dropping our luggage in a motel after 50 … Continue reading »

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Angkor Wat Part ♊

                      We explored Siem Reap, most areas commercial but some quiet spots. We visited the fishing community at Choam on Tonle Sap lake and enjoyed a spicy  hammock lunch by the river. Angkor Wat is stunning, the pictures say it all.  We had some bad news … Continue reading »

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Angkor Wat and the singing ringing tree(s)

          320 km to Siem Reap by bus on route 6, the most atrocious road so far: huge potholes and rough sections of packed red earth, so relieved we decided not to cycle ( there’s nowhere to sleep, few places to buy water). Endless views of rice paddies and water, occasional … Continue reading »

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Angkor Wat, pah! It’s cake day!!

I know, I know, it’s Angkor Wat, for goodness sake, but every Thursday I have looked for a cake shop/cafe and failed but yesterday we hit the jackpot, breads, cakes, biscuits and ice cream (5 spice, Khmer fruits and green lemon flavors). Besides I need a day or two to process the splendor of Angkor … Continue reading »

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Phnom Penh

So pleased to arrive in Phnom Penh after 7 hours on a boat battling against wind, current and border administration! And pleasantly surprised to pedal easily to our hotel, our expectations of Hanoi traffic completely wrong. Here there are lots of 4×4 cars and space to park them (unlike Hanoi) and the buildings are mostly … Continue reading »

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The Mighty Mekong

We have found a cafe with speedy internet so lots of pictures today! So much to see along our route, mostly manufacturing from boats (below) with enormous lengths of hard wood, brick kilns, hessian looms with rapid fire clak clak clak, each product dominates for a few miles, interspersed with crop processing, (mostly drying rice,aromatic … Continue reading »

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